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What my clients say

Patrick Taggart - Producer/Writer


For a writer there's something worse than "writers block" . It's a sudden lack of confidence in your idea ...and yourself. I was writing a play based on meticulous research done over a two year period. Half way through writing I lost confidence in the idea. Well, I am delighted that I finished the play thanks to Angela. She didn't write or suggest any dialogue, didn't tamper with the plot, didn't change a single comma. But she listened, she understood. Over a series of informal and relaxed sessions Angela's insightful questioning helped me to bring clarity to my efforts. Her intuition about my creative crisis and her informal approach,practical but with good humour ...enabled me to regain a sesnse of purpose and the motivation to face the blank page. Angela offered mentoring in the purest sense of the word.


Laetitia H - Actress

 When I met Angela I had already started on a new path of self-discovery, but had no idea that she would cut to the core of what I really wanted - seeing as I had never had the courage to articulate out loud what I wanted and had always believed that the thing I really wanted was an unreachable fantasy. After Angela told me it was possible to follow my dream of being an actress, even though I had no belief in that possibility, it took me some time of self- reflection before I could actually say it out loud. A few months later, I had got myself so far as to say it out loud and believe it possible and auditioned for not one but two acting courses. I was accepted onto both and am now enrolled on the one of my choice and loving it ! and growing in the knowledge that nothing is impossible and it's not too late. Thank you Angela, if it hadn't been for you , I doubt I would ever have come to believe in myself to this extent. It's never too late to erase the limiting beliefs that chain most of us to small ,impoverished lives!


Katherine Mann - Artist & Healer

Angela gave me the full support I needed to keep my focus during the process of change of direction in my life to bring me nearer to fulfilling my potential.

This was achieved , firmly but kindly, by her own special insight and magic, with doses of honesty, wisdom and love!

Thanks so much Angela.


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