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Creative Lives Coaching is dedicated to reigniting Power, Passion and Purpose, for I truly believe the seeds of creativity are inherent in us all!


My approach is straight forward. Me working with you, one on one, in person ,or if you prefer on Skype. I will help you to create the shift in your life you are seeking, whether that be with small baby steps or with a quantum leap! There is no “ one size fits all” formula. I will work with you in a way that suits your particular needs and requirements.


I work with people who want to create a positive change in their lives by transforming their self-perception and limited beliefs,  and help them achieve  their own inner strength to discover greater happiness and fulfilment in life.


If you are looking for someone to give you the answers and tell you what to do, then I'm not the coach for you. I can promise you, that I will listen to you , ask profound questions and empower you to find your answers. I will be one hundred percent there for you, supporting you at every stage of your journey. Our relationship will be one of creative collaboration, from which flows, clarity, fun,excitement, energy and freedom!


I'm a fully accredited professional coach from the longest  established coach training organisation in Europe, Noble Manhattan and a member of The International Institute Of Coaching. I've lived a life like so many people, full of ups and downs. My life is not perfect! ( I see that as a good thing ) but I am a self-generator, creating a fulfilling life for myself, and I'm living it with joy. I am a life-long learner with a thirst for understanding.  I have studied philosophy, Nlp, psychology, holistic therapies and test drove some transformational methodologies, all of which helps to inform my work with my clients.

​My passion and joy is to assist YOU create a shift in your life.


Contact me for a free sample session.

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