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My Story

For more than 20 years I have been fortunate enough to have had a rewarding dual career doing what I love. I am passionate about helping people reach their dream, whatever it might be. I will support your journey of self-discovery, helping you  achieve results that will change your life.

I have a rich, diverse and unconventional background …. actress, writer and television producer and facilitator. As an actress I toured extensively, even taking the classic play Educating Rita to the remote wilds of Brazil and Columbia. Not surprisingly, Rita is a favourite character because her journey was one of exploration seeking the purpose and direction of her life. My TV productions have included documentaries and children's light entertainment.  My plays have been performed and enjoyed by a host of young people in my local community. I have experienced and understand the many challenges encountered by those pursuing the path to creative fulfilment.  


Where did my coaching journey begin?


It began with group coaching in London, mainly creatives, including writers, performers, producers, directors artists and musicians and extended to their partners,friends and sometimes taxi-drivers!   It's just part of the story …. people who are struggling to get a project off the ground, people who want more harmony and balance in their lives, people with big plans and ambitions who have reached an apparent stone wall.


Since those early days I have worked with people from all walks of life, single parents, the unemployed, professionals, asylum seekers, solo-preneurs, business owners, students, those facing redundancy and those wanting advancement within the public sector.  People seeking purpose and a new direction.... people with big plans and passion.


So, in my own life's journey I have  chalked up quite a  history  of entrepeneurial  activity… including  an Actors Agency still operating today, co-founded the Actors Institute in London which saw thousands of creatives pass through its doors, an Independent TV & Film Production company and an Holistic Therapy business delivering workshops and training in the public and private sectors.


I've  also hugely enjoyed teaching voice, theatre skills and creativity around the UK, the U.S.A and Ireland.  Even when running seminars and workshops, my main intention is always to inspire rather than direct.  All of these experiences have given me invaluable knowledge that I can draw on in my coaching.


And more personally? Marriage, divorce, two wonderful children, new partners and ventures! And truly personally, being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder which I am working with…and winning. I've picked up many life lessons along the way and now I put them to good use.

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